While our company carries out various research projects in order to create and increase academic knowledge, on the other hand, it carries out application projects with the aim of transferring the created knowledge to the field of use and turning it into a product. These projects are carried out with the support of various institutions and organizations, especially TUBITAK, which encourages the cooperation between the company's own resources and/or research and practice, and with the close cooperation of universities.


Post-Quantum Cryptography Library

It is predicted that attacks to be made using quantum computers in the near future will render the public-key cryptosystems used today unusable. In the following years, there will be a need for both classical and quantum attack-resistant systems using currently available hardware and software. In fact, it is necessary to quickly switch to new cryptosystems for the current data, whose confidentiality should be protected even after the use of quantum computers. Therefore, studies have begun on transitioning to algorithms that will be durable in the future, both in academia and in industry.


The aim of the project is to create a native software library written in C language, which includes signing, key exchange and encryption systems that are resistant to quantum attacks and efficient. This library will contain lattice-based post-quantum cryptographic algorithms. The library will be prepared to support different architectures (such as 16, 32, 64-bit processors).

Cryptographic Library

The cryptography library includes the implementation of the algorithms that are required as symmetric and asymmetric today and accepted as a standard, taking into account the standards and in accordance with secure implementation techniques.

Hash Function Project

The basic building blocks of hash function algorithms, general cryptanalysis methods and security criteria on hash function have been examined, and then design and tests have been carried out.

2244 Industry Doctoral Program

Our company participates in this project created by TÜBİTAK with the project "Design, Implementation and Applications of Cryptographic Algorithms" in order to provide scholarships for doctoral and integrated doctoral students and employment support to the private sector

Quantum Computers And Cryptographic Project

Research and development is carried out on the working principles of quantum computers, quantum random number generators and post-quantum cryptography.

Lightweight Cryptography Project

In this project, the building blocks and system requirements of lightweight cryptosystems were examined and design criteria were developed. A library containing cryptanalysis methods for light block ciphers has been created in the literature. A sample block cipher was designed within the framework of the developed design criteria. Security analyzes of this block cipher were carried out.

Safe S-BOX Design Project

It is aimed to classify S-boxes with proven resistance against attacks in the literature with the help of software obtained by realizing the methods obtained using mathematical methods


Block type encryption algorithms are used in many fields for different purposes. Encryption algorithms are designed according to security and speed needs. The structure and size of the S-box is important when making these designs. Since the S-box is a non-linear structure in the encryption algorithm, it plays an important role in the security of the algorithm. In the literature, there are classification algorithms for 4x4 and 5x5 long S-boxes, but the classification of 6x6 long S-boxes cannot be done with search algorithms because the search space is too large, and they are not available in the literature. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to classify 6x6 S-boxes with proven resistance against attacks in the literature with the help of software obtained by realizing the methods obtained using mathematical methods.

Secure Block Cipher Design Project

A block cipher algorithm that is resistant to all attacks and has fast implementations in terms of software and hardware will be obtained together with the new algorithms to be developed.


With the widespread use of the Internet and smart devices, cryptography has begun to enter all areas of our lives. There are cryptographic algorithms in smart cards, applications on smart phones, and many devices that we use today. Block ciphers are needed in almost every application that requires confidentiality. In this project, a secure and fast block cipher system will be developed. In addition, it will be tried to find methods against new side channel analyzes that are not included in the literature. As a result of the studies, new algorithms will be developed and it will be ensured that these algorithms are resistant to statistical (linear, differential, impossible, impossible, shifting, etc.) and side channel analyzes known in the literature. As a result, a block cipher algorithm that is resistant to all attacks and has fast implementations in software and hardware together with new algorithms to be developed will be obtained.

Random Number Generator/Tests

Blockchain Based System Development