Products and Services

All people, companies, institutions and organizations in the field of information security may need
• Development of cryptographic solutions,
• Designing cryptographic protocols, implementing software and hardware,
• Establishing infrastructure for existing or planned systems,
• Performing security and validation tests of all kinds of cryptographic solutions, protocols, designs, software, hardware and systems, and
• Providing consultancy services for each of these services,
are among the fields of activity of our company.
In accordance with this purpose, special attention is paid to ensuring that the products meet the criteria of being national and local. In the direction of the production planning, it is aimed that our products, whose design process has been completed and whose prototype security / validation tests are continuing, will be completed and put into service by the end of 2020.

Products and Services

Random Number Generator

Randomness Tests

A test package including randomness tests was designed and its software was implemented. There are three separate subpackages in this test suite. The first package tests random number generators and streaming ciphers. The second package tests block ciphers and hash functions. The third package tests the keys. The test suite can perform the necessary calculations of random number variables.


Based on these measurements, our company provides consultancy services for the randomness evaluation of cryptographic building blocks. Studies are continuing to
gain the ability to independently perform the evaluation part of the randomness test package.

Secure File Encryption Module

It is a basic software that performs secure encryption on the basis of files and folders by choosing among the block ciphers that are widely used in the literature and have been security analyzed.


Since this basic software is implemented with scalability criteria, the necessary infrastructure has been created and
it can be put into service as device and/or whole disk encryption software in line with demands and needs, as well as hardware implementation can be done on demand.

Quantum Secure Encryption and Authentication Module

A lot of research is being done on large-scale quantum computers and it is expected that such computers will be in use in the near future. For this reason, efficient and secure implementation of encryption and authentication algorithms that are resistant to attacks with this type of computers are made.

Cryptographic Protocol Design

Cryptographic protocols contain modules that provide many different security. Tests are made for their security and whether they are implemented appropriately, and whether some information can be captured by unwanted people while using them together.

Cryptographic Protocol Test

It includes modules that provide many different security within cryptographic protocols. Tests are made for their security and whether they are implemented appropriately, and whether some information can fall into the hands of undesirable people when they are used together.

Cryptanalysis of Cryptographic Algorithms

In block cipher algorithms, it will first be tested that the algorithm provides randomness starting from which cycle. Then, by determining the number of active S-boxes, the number of cycles in which the algorithm is resistant to linear, differential and impossible differential attack will be determined theoretically with the help of XOR and LAT tables.


Academic cryptanalysis of a given block cipher algorithm can be done. In block cipher algorithms, it will first be tested that the algorithm provides
randomness starting from which cycle. In addition, impossible differential analysis will be performed for algorithms with Feistel structure.

Cryptographic Algorithm Implementation Test

Side Channel Analysis

The security of algorithms and cryptographic devices used today is examined in this respect and protection methods are developed for these analyzes.

Public Key Infrastructure Setup

PKI is a framework that includes and manages the creation, distribution, maintenance of cryptographic keys, signing algorithms, and issuance of digital certificates. All these components are designed to be in harmony, safe and high performance. In addition, the integration of quantum secure digital signing algorithms is being worked on.

Electronic Voting Application Design and System Setup

One of the applications of cryptography is to provide security in electronic voting protocol. Electronic voting provides economic and time benefits by being used in many places from general elections in a country to the elections of the board of directors of a professional association. For this purpose, electronic voting design and system installation are made according to the requirements of the voting.

Blockchain Based Protocl Design and Tests

Although blockchain technology first appeared in crypto money generation applications, this technology has many useful applications such as finance and smart contracts. While designing such applications, the use of cryptographic techniques such as consensus algorithms, zero-knowledge proofs, authentication and homomorphic encryption should be done carefully. Such applications are designed and tested at the desired security level.